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Stamped as Countess | Country Monarchy Theme


Name: Iulia
Location: Romania
Previously stamped as: Countess
Visual- Description or a picture (URL or thumbnail): Clicky here!

COURT AND HISTORY (More details the better, especially with photographic visuals)

Describe what your court would look like:
Simple | as opposed to lavish, decorous and fastuous; clean, elegant dressing code, useful, flowing, practical; empty courtship and compliments would be strongly discouraged; coruption and dishonesty would be severly punished; equity and freedom of speech would be encouraged.
Who would be the main people?:
The ministers (people delegated to manage various aspects and functions of the court), the guards (people appointed to ensure safety), and the diplomats (ambassadors, negociators).
What would your court be known for?:
Its discipline and its freedom of mind and opinion. I would like it to be a trendsetter in terms of thinking ways and discoveries and projects.
What is one thing you would do to change the kingdom?:
Free the servs/slaves, if there are any.
What are your favorite historical eras?:
Medieval Ireland and Scotland, The Tudor Dynasty, The Regency and the Victorian Age.
What places would you like to travel to?:
Currently, the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries.
Who do you admire in history?:
Military campaigns, cultural development, positive relations between states and nations.
Do you have a favorite story?:
I like everything related to Elisabeth Tudor.
Imagine that you were the queen of a court. Write a fictional story of a normal day in your court:
You'll have to give me some time for this - I'll need a couple of days to link my story here, if that's OK.


What are some of your positive traits?:
I am determined, I work well under pressure, I have a strong character, I'm loyal and creative.
What are some of your negative traits?:
Uber-emotional, short-tempered, reckless, obsessive, procrastinator extraordinaire.
What are of your hobbies and interests?:
Writing, reading, cinema and TV shows, music, daydreaming, shipping, dancing, photography, mythology, history, psychology.
What are some issues that you feel passionate about?
Discrimination based on any criterion.

Anything else that you would like to include about yourself:
Not really, no.
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