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Am I of the court?

General & Personality

Name: Siobhan
Age:: 19
Likes: Reading, writing, photography, French, history, American history, French history, Japanese culture, kpop, Harry Potter, 1776, Thomas Jefferson, Antoine Lavoisier, pre-French Revolution, historical clothing, Madame de Pompadour, Émilie du Châtelet, castles, Classics, Greek, Romans, Judaism, and computer science (which sounds really random but something has to pay the bills)
Dislikes: being asked if I can fix people's computers (I am not your maid), blatant historical inaccuracies from people who should know better, my mother trying to explain pieces of history to me she only knows because I explained it to her first, being taken advantage of, being lectured on the state of marriage in the world from my mother, getting anything less than perfect, and losing a game of Risk (I'm a really bad loser)
Hobbies & interests: Blogging, tweeting, creative writing, photography, walking, studying, reading, watching hours of mindless wedding shows
Five positive traits: 1. I am witty. 2. I take photos so later people go "good thing you were there!" 3. I am perfectly capable of entertaining myself in a silent room. 4. I have a thousand and one ideas for pieces of fiction. 5. I love researching my ideas or fancies of the moment.
Five negative traits: 1. I can be terribly stubborn and never surrender. 2. I like things my way, thank you. 3. I tend to draw into myself instead of reaching out for others. 4. I act like a princess on a regular basis, including everything from refusing to get dirty to lounging on the couch instead of sitting on the floor. 5. I aim to please everyone but myself, holding myself to an impossible standard.
Visual- Picture (URL or thumbnail) or a description: 1 (for my green eyes that actually change color, but they are really green), 2 (this one's my favorite), 3 (older one but one of my few photos where I'm smiling), 4 (yeah, my hair is part pink now. I wanted to try it just once since my hair is so dark), 5 (my hair is a curly mess), 6 (I tend to pull it back to keep it under control), 7 (for Halloween I was a Greek goddess. This was the only picture taken sadly since you know, I'm the one who takes the pics)


Why are you drawn to medieval times?: I love all history and I like that the medieval period is this mixing between the Classics before and the Enlightenment to come. I also think people highly underestimate what was going on during this period; one would think this is a huge secret, that there was culture and art and many advances being made. It also helps I dated a medievalist who liked to yammer on in Middle English and I with my French could understand him, which I think was a first for him.
If you were a lady at court, how would you spend your days at the castle?: I'd walk around very quietly listening to what everyone else said. It's a favorite hobby of mine, pretending to be reading while instead listening to what people are saying in public. You can learn so much that way, and I don't think people appreciate how easy it is to listen in on them. I would also relish in the clothing because historical clothing has to be my most passionate love of all times.
How would you dress?: How wouldn't I dress? I'd wear all the colors and all the fashions and love it every day.
What would you home look like?: Heaven. Perhaps a country retreat with a river running by, and forests and fields to ride horses through on warm summer days. A stone castle filled with lush fabrics and books, and all the most intellectual men of the time would be at the center of the land.
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