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Stamped as Baroness | Country Monarchy Theme


Name: Renee, but my friends call me Rini
Location: The deepest, darkest, long-forgotten pits of Mississippi. Fr srs.
Previously stamped as:
Main Stamp: Baroness
Visual- Description or a picture (URL or thumbnail): http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b258/bobs_lil_gal/Alice%20in%20Wonderland%20Dress-Up/Alice.gif

COURT AND HISTORY (More details the better, especially with photographic visuals)

Describe what your court would look like: Large, decorated with a somewhat gothic and pre-raphaelite art-ish theme (two odd things to mix, but I love them)
Who would be the main people?: The advisors, the guards, and that one annoying guy that doesn't really have a set job but is just there to be, well, annoying.
What would your court be known for?: For being outside of the norm and doing completely odd, ridiculous things that don't make sense, but at the same time, they do.
What is one thing you would do to change the kingdom?: LOWER TAXES MWAHAHA. (So original, amirite?)
What are your favorite historical eras?: Renaissance, Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite
What places would you like to travel to?: Tuscany, Italy; Japan; Myrtle's Plantation in Lousiana; England
Who do you admire in history?: Marie Antoinette. SHE SAVED KITTIES DURING THE FRENCH REVOLUTION! D: (I learned about that while watching Animal Planet the other day. I ish educated now. ^__^)
Do you have a favorite story?: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, definitely. I love it because it's so crazy and whimsical, kinda like I am. :D
Imagine that you were the queen of a court. Write a fictional story of a normal day in your court:

“You are not really planning to wear those stockings, are you?”

Renee snapped her fan closed and waved it at her lady-in-waiting dismissively. “Of course I am! They are quite fashionable, if I do say so myself.”

Her lady-in-waiting merely sighed, used to the queen's eccentric ways. She was also mentally preparing herself for when her queen had her daily temper tantrum of the morning, whether it be because a member of the court was being an idiot or because her tea was cold. Really, anything could set the queen off.

Most of the day, though, the queen was amiable enough. She would wander around, visiting with other court members and making small talk, occasionally actually doing the things she was supposed to be doing. She liked to laze for an hour or so of the day, sipping tea in her gardens.

(And that's all I have for right now, because I'm lame and can't come up with anything else to add. D:)


What are some of your positive traits?: Creative, loving, loyal, passionate
What are some of your negative traits?: Hot-headed, short-tempered, blunt, cynical
What are of your hobbies and interests?: Writing, reading, studying history and mythology, lolita fashion, Pre-Raphaelite art, anime/manga, cute things, creepy things, horror, fashion, music, nature, being weird
What are some issues that you feel passionate about? Bullying/harassment, animal cruelty, abuse, homophobia, racism/prejudice

Anything else that you would like to include about yourself: I think I had waaaay too much fun filling out this application.
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