Nicole (nicolle_016) wrote in courtly_ratings,

am i of the court? ♥

General & Personality

Name: Nicole
Age:: 19
Likes: Harry Potter anything, music, reading, politics
Dislikes: Miley Cyrus, conservatives, Kristen Stewart, slow drivers
Hobbies & interests: See likes section.
Five positive traits: Funny, kind, open-minded, genuine, romantic
Five negative traits: Impatient, quick-tempered, lazy, selfish, stubborn
Visual- Picture (URL or thumbnail) or a description:

(I'm on the left)


Why are you drawn to medieval times?: I just love anything historical, I love how different it was from today in basically every way imaginable.
If you were a lady at court, how would you spend your days at the castle?: First of all, I'd be very active politically and I'd work to help my people as much as possible. In my free time, I guess I'd just spend time with my family and friends and do fun things haha.
How would you dress?: I'd wear really elegant gowns and probably look fancy all the time because I love dressing up and looking nice. :) And if I were a queen, princess, etc., I'd always have a reason to dress up!
What would you home look like?: It would just be a cool old castle with lots of people always in it and a happy vibe all the time.

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