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am I of the court?

General & Personality

Likes:politics,friends,public speaking
Dislikes:hypocrasy,when people insult each other for no reason,lies
Hobbies & interests:public speaking,politics,my friends :)
Five positive traits:kind,loving,idealistic,friendly,sweet
Five negative traits:stubborn,outspoken,immature,a little vain at times,a little naive
Visual- Picture (URL or thumbnail) or a description:
 blondish hair,fair skin,blue/green eyes
Era I love the 1770s (modern I know lol! :D)
Why are you drawn to medieval times?:the dresses are so pretty! and it seems fun to live in a far away time :)
If you were a lady at court, how would you spend your days at the castle?:hmm riding my horse? ;) lol! :D and I always want to help the citizens of the kingdom! :)
How would you dress?:  in the lastest fashion>but with my own flair ;)
What would you home look like?: like the white house lol! I know ;) but its pretty! :D except with lots of land maybe?

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