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am I of the court?--not stamped yet ;) but is it ok to do the country theme?


Name: Emily
Location: east coast,Usa
Previously stamped as: not yet ;)
Visual- Description or a picture (URL or thumbnail): dark blondish hair,fair skin,blue/green eyes,slender,5'

COURT AND HISTORY (More details the better, especially with photographic visuals)

Describe what your court would look like: beautiful! :) lol! i'm not sure maybe like the inside of the Capitol? tall down ceilings,pillars and sayings engraved on the walls
Who would be the main people?: there would be alot of main people!! repersentation for all! lol! :D
What would your court be known for?: honesty!
What is one thing you would do to change the kingdom?: make the kingdom fair
What are your favorite historical eras?: 1700s
What places would you like to travel to?: Everywhere!!!!! lol! I love seeing new places ;)
Who do you admire in history?: Edward Rutledge
Do you have a favorite story?: not that I can think of right now ;)
Imagine that you were the queen of a court. Write a fictional story of a normal day in your court:  laws are passed but cancelled if if it violates freedom of speech it will immeadiatly be struck down


What are some of your positive traits?: kind,caring,sweet,idealistic
What are some of your negative traits?: stubborn,immature,a little vain
What are of your hobbies and interests?: politics lol!,my friends
What are some issues that you feel passionate about?Freedom,Less. Government,

Anything else that you would like to include about yourself: nope ;)
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