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Am I Of The Court?

General & Personality

Name: M.
Age:: Seventeen
Likes: Chocolate banana parfaits, fairy-tales, jazz music, tarot cards, funky jewelry, folk art, funny hats, rocking horse shoes, vegetarian tamales, old books, carnivals, christmas lights, marshmallow-fluffed dresses, black and white movies, poetry slams, pug dogs, and lush gardens.
Dislikes: Disrespectful people, routine, commitments, junk food, blatant ignorance.
Hobbies & interests: Sewing, daydreaming, reading obsessively, cooking every once in a while, wandering aimlessly in new places.
Five positive traits: Optimistic, outgoing, charismatic, charming, and mysterious.
Five negative traits: Selfish, unreliable, forgetful, disrespectful to those who don't give me respect, and overly flirty.
Visual- Picture (URL or thumbnail) or a description:


Why are you drawn to medieval times?: I'm a history buff at heart (my loverboy is actually an art history major, too, so I get a lot of the art-love at home) and I've always been fascinated by how quickly everything went from Roman control to castles and saints in the dark ages.
If you were a lady at court, how would you spend your days at the castle?: Pursuing the arts and romance and schmoozing with fellow ladies and, hey, why not, available men.
How would you dress?: In gauzy, flowing dresses with ribbons and lace and flowers in my hair.
What would your home look like?: It wouldn't be overly ornate, but it would be comfortable and more aesthetic than most other homes.
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