madclairvoyant (madclairvoyant) wrote in courtly_ratings,

Am I of the court?

General & Personality
Name: MadClairvoyant
Age: Old enough.
Likes: The cold, books, knowledge
Dislikes: Spiders, death, supernatural
Hobbies & interests: Reading, singing, dancing, debating, writing, playing music, listening to music
Five positive traits: Cunning, clever, charismatic, outspoken, cool-headed
Five negative traits: Stubborn, proud, sarcastic, harsh, aggressive
Visual- Picture (URL or thumbnail) or a description: I have long black hair, and really pale skin that is not a good thing in photographs. I am one of the tallest and the thinnest amongst my peers, so I suppose I could be considered as slim.

Why are you drawn to medieval times?: I love history, and I also appreciate the grandeur and class that the medieval times possess. The political intrigue also draw me in.
If you were a lady at court, how would you spend your days at the castle?: I would probably be enmeshed in some power struggle behind the scenes while smiling sweetly like a ditz. I could even take up embroidery to complete my facade.
How would you dress?: I would prefer something that is simple and tasteful, yet befitting of my status, as a subtle reminder and warning.
What would you home look like?: Similar to my dressing, it would be elegant, and yet of my position in court.
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